A Sustainable Future With Greenify

A Revolutionary Water Meter That Can Solve India’s Water Crisis
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"I feel that ClickyOwl has given a voice to our brand, we have seen them as exited to educate people about sustainability as we have been. Through our continued collaboration we can really take a step towards saving this beautiful planet!"
Madhu Jain
Country Head

Greenify is India’s leading producer of smart water monitoring solutions. They wanted to get to educate the urban population on how we can use smart IOT technology to monitor our water consumption and wastage.

We helped them run a brand awareness & lead generation campaign targeted at an environmentally conscious audience in order to help them become the champions of sustainable water usage in their communities.

We leveraged platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Creative Websites in order to help Greenify reach their target audience.

During the campaign we helped them get more than a million views, more than 2000 signups in their program, and a reduction of 55% in their acquisition cost compared to traditional channels.

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