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"I feel that ClickyOwl has given a voice to our brand, we have seen them as exited to educate people about sustainability as we have been. Through our continued collaboration we can really take a step towards saving this beautiful planet!"
Madhu Jain
Country Head

Clickyowl has always been a part of Infigon’s digital effort from the beginning, so when their team came to us for B2B Lead Generation, we had a plan for them

Our team researched the market and pinned down their target audience persona, from there all we had to do was come up with a compelling brand message and put it out there.

We leveraged Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Linkedin Ads and created a highly optimized funnel to generate leads that from.

During the campaign we were able to bring down their Cost Of Acquisition by 54% and increase their conversion rate by 70% which are unheard numbers in their industry

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