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B2B Leasing For IT Equipment With Presence In Over 100 Cities In India
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"Even though we had a strict budget in mind for lead generation, ClickyOwl helped us make the most of our budget by optimizing it across different channels and get the best ROI possible."
Samir Dey

Clickyowl has always been a part of Infigon’s digital effort from the beginning, so when their team came to us for B2B Lead Generation, we had a plan for them

Our team researched the market and pinned down their target audience persona, from there all we had to do was come up with a compelling brand message and put it out there.

We leveraged Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Linkedin Ads and created a highly optimized funnel to generate leads that from.

During the campaign we were able to bring down their Cost Of Acquisition by 54% and increase their conversion rate by 70% which are unheard numbers in their industry

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